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Part NumberDescription
5201250811Land Cruiser UTE Adaptor Single Cab Including Park Brake Option
RT-524-42Land Cruiser & Hi Lux Ignition Adaptor Ignition Pick up
5903020910Trailer Plug Harness
RT-762382Land Cruiser Cut Down Adaptor with no Park Brake Alarm Option
5702131012Mack Truck Head Light Switch Breakout
5706131012Mack Truck Ignition Switch Breakout
5201121112Park Brake Alarm By-Pass Plug
5702171012European Rear Light Adaptor
5901191112Land Cruiser LHD Head Light Switch Adaptor
5902191112Land Cruiser RHD Head Light Switch Adaptor
5901270211Isuzu Light Switch Adaptor
5203020811Isuzu Light Switch Breakout
5901180213Hino Rear Light Breakout
7704030912Isuzu Rear Light Breakout
5902020511Land Cruiser Reverse Alarm Adaptor
5201080612Ford Ranger Mirror Switch Breakout for Ignition Pick Up
5901200412Isuzu Rear Light Adaptor
5902010812Hino Rear Light Adaptor
5701131012Hino Head Light Switch Breakout
5701151012Hino Gauge Cluster Breakout
5201040812Isuzu Gauge Cluster Breakout
RT-PR-7272Rio And BHP Prado Headlight Switch Adaptor
5903010812Isuzu Rear Light Adaptor
5204030812Hino Ignition Breakout with Turbo Timer Option
5903191112Land Cruiser Ignition Adaptor with IGN Cut and Start Inhibit Option
5702161012Fuso Rear Light Pick Up Adaptor
5701161012Kenworth Rear Light Adaptor
5703171012Rally 4000 Driving Light Adaptor
5203040412Isuzu Ignition Breakout
5702171012Mack Tail End Pick up Adaptor
5901050812Land Cruiser Wagon Adaptor with Park Brake Alarm
5701271012Ford Ranger Sonar/Buzzer Resistor Adaptor
5203080612Ford Ranger Head Light Switch Adaptor
5701171012Iveco Tail End Pick up Adaptor
3501150217-02ADD-A-LIGHT ADAPTER